Wednesday, October 31, 2007

5 Things I Miss About America

There are some things America just does better. This is what I miss the most:

1. Burritos-

I can't even get a burrito here, let alone some tortillian monstrosity the size of my head. For a culture that eats a lot of beans, rice, and meat, I would have thought Mexican food would be a no-brainer. Rumor has it I have to go to Sendai to get the sweet Mexican food I crave, and I bet it's not even that great.

2. Football Season-

There's something very comforting about sitting on a sofa with some nachos and watching big huge guys run into each other and try to grab a funny-shaped ball. I could subscribe to some cable package and get NFL games here, but even then they come on at like 4AM or something. It just isn't the same.

3. Bikes without big baskets on the front-

This one should be self-explanatory.

4. Starbucks-

What can I say? The suburbs changes you. Paying 4 bucks for a coffee drink starts to make a lot of sense. Plus, the L size at coffee shops here is a pathetic 12 oz., whereas the mighty "venti" Starbucks drip coffee clocks in at 20oz. and packs enough caffeine to make my heart sound like a Neil Peart solo.

5. Cheap movies-

Movies are highway robbery in America, but they're dropping the soap in federal penitentiary here.


k said...

Not steaming hot showers??? Clothes dryers??? Black drip coffee seems to be a totally "american" thing (and going by the wayside with the advent of double shot non-fat lattes with shots of this and that) that is hard to find just about anywhere in the world! Good luck on finding a burrito in Sendai -- Please let us know if you do:)

d said...

Pet peeve: Blogger can't be bothered to special case the "one comment" situation on your front page, i.e.:

1 Comment

Even a cheesy "Comment(s)" would be better than "1 Comments". And they even get manage to get it right some of the time, like on the post composition page, so there is no excuse.

So add that to your missed list, Nate: bad code.

Lisa said...

today at 4:15EST the Colts (7-0) will be facing off against the Patriots (8-0) in what should be an awesome football game. does it kill you that you can't watch it? while eating a chipotle burrito and drinking a grande Starbucks latte? that you got on your bike and carried home in your messenger bag since your bike doesn't have a basket? :o)
Go Colts!

Nate said...

K- Yeah, my backup plan is just to home-make all the stuff for burritos, which shouldn't be too hard. I think tortillas are really just a variant of Samcakes after all.

Nate said...

D- Blogger sucks in a lot of ways. Make something better, I'll use it.

Nate said...

Lisa- A good second place was eating mushroom chocolates and mochi while reading about the Colts getting severely owned on

Say what you will about the Patriots, but Tom Brady appears to have that undefinable thing that allows certain people to win constantly in improbable situations and some to look good on paper but fold like wet origami when the moment of truth arrives (Peyton Manning).

d said...

Lisa, Nate is a Venti lad.