Wednesday, October 24, 2007


It is Halloween Week. Everyone comes to class in costume, we play games, we trick or treat, things like that. The costumes run the gamut from lame (cat) to inspired (skeleton suit with ghost suit over the top) to uniquely Japanese (samurai with wooden kendo sword).

One student dressed as some sort of ninja gangster. Part of his ensemble included the evil-looking Glock replica he took out of his backpack. I asked one of my bosses if it was okay for this kid to be walking around with it. She said "Oh don't worry, he said he'll keep it in his pocket."

Let that sink in.

A kid walks into school with an accurately detailed replica pistol, and is merely required to keep it in his pants pocket until school is finished.

Isn't that weird? No SWAT teams, no suspensions, no newspaper articles, just a reasonable reaction to a kid with a toy gun. I guess things are different when you can be reasonably sure that your average citizen isn't packing heat. This situation would end differently in America.

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Tom said...

I assumed you "took him down".