Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Japanese Pet Store

Some of us went to Sendai today. The trip was fun but not hugely notable. We did go to a Japanese pet store, so you can look at those pictures and read my hilarious commentary.

There was a monkey. Not sure if he was for sale...I think it was more like the owner of a used car lot parking his personal Ferrari out front. So exotic, so unique, but not for you.

This little guy was so cute, and so surly-looking.

I think he looks a bit like Winston Churchill here.

This was a flop-eared something or other. It was a small, frightened-looking cat.

Unrelated cognitive dissonance. Isn't this coffee shop an Oregon thing? Strange..


d said...

Where did they find the mini earmuffs for the monkey?

Lisa said...

that cat with the flop-ears is a scottish fold kitten. apparently not only entertains but also educates.

Nate said...

what's the fat garfield cat? I want one of those.

David said...

why doesn't the cat in your picture want a cheeseburger?

Lisa said...

sorry, don't know the breed of the fat garfield. dog breeds are really my thing, not cat breeds.

d said...

Churchill looks to me like an "Exotic" (essentially a short-haired Persian):