Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bring Some Light-Hearted Whimsy to Your Funeral

I was riding back from the mall the other day when I saw this. Take a look.

That's right, let people know how much you love crappy movies for eternity with this handsome Godzilla tombstone. I'll be honest, this is pretty cool. It's sort of like the people who slept in race car beds when they were kids, and you always sort of envied them because you slept in a lame normal bed.

Someday I'll make a movie where someone gets buried with this tombstone, and the guy next to him in the cemetery gets buried with a Mothra tombstone, and they come back as zombies and beat each other to death with their respective granite monsters in an epic super ultra meta-reference battle.

Of course, the best way to buy yourself a righteous sleigh-ride to hell remains the Kiss Kasket, which I believe they buried Dimebag Darrel in. I don't care how you feel about Pantera, but having a deranged man shoot you in the head while you're shredding heavy metal guitar in front of thousands of screaming fans and then getting buried in a Kiss Kasket is a pretty metal way to go.

If Gene Simmons could find a way to make money off of Kiss embalming fluid, he'd do it:


David said...


Take that traditional encyclopedias.

d said...

Ahh, Gene...

Gene vs. Terry Gross: