Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Ironic Day

One of my classes just started learning the names of different classes. We did art class, music class, swimming class, math class, English class...and karate class.

How do you pronounce "karate?" Probably something like ka-RODDY, right? Well, me too. In Japanese you say it more like ka-ra-tay (using the funny Japanese r/l mixture sound). And it is a Japanese word after all.

But since this is English class, I'm teaching the kids how to say it American style. So in essence, I am sitting up there teaching them how to say their own damn word incorrectly. They are coming to school in order to learn how to say a word they already know, but with an affected American accent.

It's like a Japanese person telling me how to call my favorite video game "Su-pa Ma-li-o Bu-ra-sa-zu" or something.

Luckily, the kids are only ever thinking about playing their Nintendo DS Lites and drawing cartoon feces, so this all went over their heads.

Probably for the better.

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