Friday, February 1, 2008

Eat More Meat

Today I went down to the boathouse to lift weights. I grabbed a couple plates and happened to notice the random chalkboard hung in the middle of the fading Japanese rowing posters.

The only things I could read were: nai-to, 11/11 6:25 and underneath that 12/9 6:15.6, and underneath that, the katakana for "protein" (pu-ro-te-i-n). Apparently my progress was being studied, beginning with the random 2ks I would sometimes do after practice, which is where the first one was from. The second one was from my race in Sendai.

Now I'm really curious about the rest of it, and if "protein" was the conclusion for my progress that month.

1 comment:

d said...

Fatty tuna == improved erg score.

Simple enough, but think about it.