Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Coolest Thing I Did This Week

Today I was riding my aging mountain bike to the grocery store after my workout. I whipped around a corner too fast for the tires (anything above 5MPH, really), and felt the back end start to slide out.

I started to topple, so I made the executive decision to bail. With my bike kind of sliding sideways, and the handlebars and front wheel pointing opposite of the way I was sliding, I somehow managed to jump off and kind of jog out of the impending mayhem. So I jumped off and my bike angrily bounced and skittered away behind me until it slammed into a curb. It was a truly improbable escape from a bad situation.

An old Japanese man was stopped at a traffic light right next to the sidewalk where this all happened. He was just staring at me, so I gave him a thumbs up. I could almost see the thought bubble above his head saying "You are a complete moron, but still, that was kind of cool."

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Matthew O said...

And that was when Nate realized his life was complete...