Friday, April 4, 2008

Neck beards and Whale Meat

A lot of funny stuff happened this past couple weeks. My parents and 2 friends came to visit, and witness the inexplicable weirdness that is my life in Japan.

Matt arrived sporting a luxurious neck beard, the likes of which this fastidious island nation had never seen. Like a cheese-steak eating Samson, this neard gave a small town boy from New Jersey the intestinal fortitude required for his new Japanese diet of shrimp brains and raw whale meat.

Actually, both friends were total champs with the food. Only after 3 days did Matt cry "no mas" and demand that we go to the McDonald's in Sendai, and I don't think Meghan ever broke in the face of exotic Japanese cuisine, even when we were eating these giant green shells where you have to jam a metal spike inside to pry out the rubbery brown thing inside.

After my friends left, I bullet trained down to Kyoto for cherry blossoms and then to Hiroshima to feel guilty about something my great-grandparents' generation did.

It was a grueling 2 weeks, but I got to spend time with friends and family, and knocked out a bunch of "to do before I leave Japan" stuff. All in all, a success, and I'll be back on my semi-regular schedule of posting on this whimsical little chronicle of my adventures.

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