Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An Epic Journey Through Sam's Wrongness

Dude, that thing is totally a radar tower. Haven't you ever played Command and Conquer: Red Alert? I think this was the phase in your life where you proclaimed any game other than Bejeweled to be "gay." However, this game clearly shows us what a radar dome looks like:

That being said, this pic of an NOAA radar dome kind of blurs the line. See, it's a radar observation. So I guess if observatories are usually also radar-equipped, that makes us both geniuses. Except for you.

More importantly, everyone can watch this awesome video Dave sent me, made by a bunch of turds who travel around Asia and write a (wait for it...) blog.


d said...

For those of you just stumbling upon this blog, please note that you must read the previous post to make any sense at all of this one.

Also: I agree with you Nate: radome, not observatory.

Game over Sam.

David said...

i'm sure sam was too busy writing ti-basic games to play command and conquer.

Sam said...

Whatever, I'm awesome.