Friday, December 21, 2007

I Can Almost Taste the Freedom

Well, my apartment isn't really cleaned. My clothes aren't particularly washed or folded. The garbage is *almost* all taken out. But to be honest, I'll be leaving for America tomorrow and essentially just locking my front door and turning off the water.

My trip is going to be like a submarine- pointlessly long and hard. I've somehow engineered it to absolutely maximize the time in transit and minimize the time at home. I'll leave for Sendai tomorrow, wait around for 8 hours, leave for Tokyo, wait around for 8 hours, leave for America, and then have the hour and a half drive home. Luckily, my incredibly ineptitude in trip planning has aligned perfectly with my incredible ineptitude in shopping, for, you see, I still have my Christmas shopping to do.

And gloriously enough, I have 8 hours to kill in the heart of Sendai's bustling downtown. It's almost like I planned it this way.

I doubt I'll update this blog much while I'm at home. I don't even think I'm bringing my laptop, since I'm trying to hit the ground running and actually do stuff and see people instead of sit around reading reddit and drinking coffee until 2 in the afternoon everyday.

Ah, I can't wait to get some Chipotle into the old bloodstream. Nothing says America like burritos.


d said...

Not to mention arriving at 6:55AM at PDX. Did Azumano foist this atrocity of an itinerary on you?

Safe trip Nate and we'll see you at the gate.

Matthew O said...

Amazing summary of what a trip to Japan would be like. Yay wasting time!

Nate said...

When did you stop being big and awesome?

Now, if you got your trip dialed, which you will because you're anal-retentive, it will be much much faster.

This is how to do it like a not-idiot:

Fly to Japan-12 hrs-bullet train to Sendai-2hrs-express into my town-1 hour.

I took the slow cheap route instead of the sexy fast expensive route.

Luke said...

Nate, Matt was never big or awesome... You above all people should know that!