Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Erg Stats: Warning, Rowing Nerd Material Ahead

The race in Sendai is this Sunday. I'm officially in my "taper." All that means is that I'm trying to be as rested as possible for the race while still doing enough to stay sharp. It's nice because I'm super busy at the moment, and carving out 2 and a half hours for a workout every morning was tough (1 hour to sit in front of my computer thinking about how much I didn't want to erg, half hour to get ready, 1 hour of actual exercise).

Anyway, this is where I left off before my week of laziness begun:

Best 10K : 34:48, or a 1:44.5 average. This puts me about a month into freshman year of college, fitness-wise.

Best 2k: 6:20 This was a 2k I did by myself with no motivation and no sprint at the end, so that's not too shabby. Hopefully another couple weeks of training and the excitement of being in a race is enough to buy me 4 seconds.

Best 500 workout: 4x500 x2, 30 seconds, all 500s right around 1:33. That's solid, but certainly not spectacular.

So all of this leads me to believe that, provided nothing weird happens, I should be able to go 6:15-6:18, depending on how much the stars align in my favor, and how much I'm able to gut it out at the very end.

Oh, and I checked with the guys on my team. My biggest competition is the lightweight doubles champion of Asia. "Lightweight," meaning I have 60+ pounds on him. So if I lose, I'm a loser. And I'm fat.


Tom said...

Go Than!

Matthew O said...

Don't worry Nate....you'll always be my fat erg champion! (Especially now that Sam is fit and back in shape)

Matthew O said...

Don't worry Nate....you'll always be my fat erg champion! (Especially now that Sam is fit and back in shape)

Nate said...

It's so cute when I order two bentos for dinner and the woman gives me two sets of chopsticks--assuming that someone ordering two bentos is ordering them for two people. Haha! Silly Japanese people!

Sam said...

Congratulations on all the work you've done to get this far. That's definitely an accomplishment of its own.
Remember that whatever happens, everyone is a winner except all the people who don't win. So don't not win or you'll be a not-winner.
That said, may the negative split be with you.

d said...

What, no Mountain Child in the lineup? He probably heard about your training and nutrition regime (two bentos for extra muscle) and exited the field with last year's glory as his sole consolation.

Good luck and try not to break the chain.