Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Japanese Culture Encourages Laziness

To be specific, it encourages laziness in me. Here's what happened:

I was teaching class yesterday, as usual. This particular class involves a big freezer bag stuffed full of common objects like combs, coins, brushes, comic books, and other objects for the students to practice vocabulary with.

So of course I take this giant plastic bag of stuff and dump it all over the floor. Everyone takes an object, and we start making sentences like "I have a key," etc. When we're done, everyone throws their stuff back into the already-huge pile of crap, and we move to another part of the room. The mess of objects is untouched, because I don't feel like picking it up.

And you know what happened?

Like magical elves toiling away in secret, without me noticing, the kids picked up, organized, and placed every single bit of scattered junk back in the big plastic zip-lock. THEY COULDN'T HELP IT. There was a bag, and a bunch of stuff that fit nicely into the bag, and thus, they had some primordial urge to arrange everything. And that's just fine with me. Organize away, my friends.


Tom said...

I am glad you have progressed to "I have a key". Were you able to make a sentence with all the objects in the bag?

Sam said...

How much do these kids cost?

Nate said...

cost is 1 nintendo DS lite, from what I can tell.