Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Massah Kin Learn Engliss!

We have a poster at work. It advertises some test you can take to be certified in English conversation proficiency or something. It has a bunch of blocky computer-generated cartoons dancing around the text being all excited about learning English.

I think we can use these pictures to better understand the Japanese racial consciousness:

This is a white person. White people are fat and love football. I'd pretend to be offended, but I know more than a few people I could see with that football in the crook of their fleshy arm, utterly convinced of the raw sexual power conveyed with the combination of aviator sunglasses, a mullet, and a moustache.

This is a white woman. She is fat and hilariously well-breasted. Or her arm is broken and shoved up sideways. I'm not sure, but she is funny because she is not a thin delicate Sakura blossom dancing across the wind like a Japanese woman. Ha ha.

This is a black man. He's only wearing a speedo. He looks like a supercharged little black Sambo figure, complete with the lurid red lips. Good thing he's not wearing proper clothes, or he might start to get dangerous ideas about freedom and voting in his crazed slave brain!

This baby is meant to look mentally retarded and angry. And he's wearing a helmet. Way to play it safe, Japanese graphic designer!


Sam said...

I'm not sure how you classify the large-breasted woman as fat. She looks quite thin to me except for in the chest region.
I guess she kind of has a fat head?

gavin said...

Don't forget about the barechested Hispanic guy with the sunglasses and leopard coat in picture #1. It's nice to see that the Japanese have based their entire understanding of Latin American culture on seeing Luis Guzman in "Boogie Nights".

Lisa said...

I agree with Sam that that woman doesn't look fat. I also like the super tall white man in a superhero costume. I do wish you had been able to capture the entire poster though so that we could get the full undiluted effect.