Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Uncle Rico Wants to Sell You a Hot Dog

This particular Uncle Rico van is a 4-wheel-drive model equipped with all the facilities needed to cook and serve hot dogs.

Now I ask you this: If this sketchy-ass van pulled up next to you all slow and some guy leaned out and asked you if you wanted the best hot dog you ever had, would you accept?

Yeah, the hot dogs are right back here...nope, further....further. Heck, just climb on in! Yeah, good. Now smell this rag...it, uh...it smells like...ice cream. You do like ice cream, don't you?


Sam said...

I bet those hot dogs are tasty.

Lisa said...

first Japanese hot dog truck I've ever seen.

d said...

So Nate, how tasty are they? You should eat all they have as a patriotic duty - tell them you were the guy that kicked Kobayashi's butt.

Nate said...

Sam- I bet they even have your beloved teriyaki sauce for them.

Lisa-First one I've seen too. Although corn dogs seem popular as hell here for some reason.

d- I haven't eaten one. I try not to eat food from Uncle Rico vans. Although this being Japan, I'm sure the Van's exhaust pipe is cleaner than my dishes.