Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Trip to a Japanese Beach

Believe it or not, Japan has many beaches. Today, we went to one. I was impressed--good sand, no rocks, lots of neck-high water, and a buoyed-off section to cut down on waves. Like many things here, the beach was very tidy and well thought-out. Still, I miss the Oregon coast. The freezing water and rough-hewn wilderness landscape has a cool vibe. Unspoiled, if you will.

After we swam, we went out for lunch. I've forgotten how spending a half hour in the sun and saltwater can inexplicably make one exhausted and ravenous. Has anyone done any research on the whole "sea air" being good for your health/appetite thing? I remember lots of scenes in old books about sickly patients being sent to the coast for recuperation, and I'm wondering if that's based in any science?

Here are a few pictures:

This is whale meat. It is but one delicacy which was greedily shoveled down my throat. The texture was kind of a cross between beef and tuna. It wasn't bad.

This is the ocean. I had some thrilling landscape shots, but I thought I'd give you a temporary break from those. For now.

Who can resist a picture of a flower?

That's all for now, I have to go to bed early since I'm getting up at 6AM for my first row. I'm predicting some hilarious language-related mishaps involving me catching crabs and not stopping when everyone else does, etc...maybe I'll see if I can just erg...


zachary said...

How do I hate thee.

-M said...

The Japanese Beach sounds so nice and safe! Here in good ol' CB, surfers were rousted from the water just south of the needles a couple of days ago due to a seal being eaten by a Great White within a 100 feet of the beach. Later reports were that the Warren House pub sold out of nachos and beer within a hour of the incident.....sea air induced hunger or FEAR??? Seen any shark on the menu you yet?

d said...

Lisa, don't read the above post.

Nate said...

Wow, that's crazy...I would love to see a Great White. Preferably from a distance while holding an explosive-tipped harpoon gun. So did anybody get any pictures of this shark attack?

And yeah, you can get shark, but I guess it's not great. I'll try it if the opportunity arises and report back.