Saturday, September 29, 2007

Japanese Erg Championships

Today at practice I was told that our team will be competing in the Japanese erg championships in December. They want me to be the Japanese erg champion. I asked what kind of time we're talking about. Our stroke said the time to beat is 6:26. I said I could be the Japanese erg champion in 2 weeks, in that case. Everyone thought that was pretty funny.

The weird thing is, usually every country has a handful of random freaks who are big and strong and defy all logic. Shouldn't Japan have one of those guys? Shouldn't there be some Romanian expat who wanted to study engineering in Tokyo and happens to whale on the erg? 6:26, for reference, is a very good high school male's score in the US. For US colleges, you're looking at under 6:20 for JV and under 6:10 for varsity. I think the best US college score is somewhere under 5:50 these days.

So we'll see if that score quoted to me was a mistake. If not, maybe I can have a glorious victory and almost beat my best time as a 17 year old.


d said...

I think he is pulling your leg.

Take a look here:

It appears that your nemesis is named Takeda Daisaku and the time to beat is 6:11.5

No more ebi furai for you.

d said...

Oops, I slipped a line on the table, even more scarily, your man is named Mountain Child Kazuhisa.

Nate said...

That's the most awesome name ever. 6:11 still isn't much for a "best" time. I think Sam did that when he was in 8th grade.

gavin said...

You could try to beat this "Mountain Child Kazuhisa" at his own game by copying his training regimen - which, if I had to guess, involves a lot of bathtub gin and casual incest.
The key is to get good at rowing with the handle in one hand and a clay jug in the other.

Nate said...

I think this calls for the same gambit I used during CRASH Bs during freshman year. I registered under the name "Paula Abdul," thus instantly emasculating everyone slower than me.

I think losing to Hello Kitty Albrecht will be the most devastating thing ever in a macho culture like Japan. Now I jut have to find an XL schoolgirl costume to race in.

David said...

i think matt taylor's tiger-stripped uni would go over well.