Friday, September 7, 2007

My Top 5 Songs With Video

These are my top five songs at the moment. Draw your own conclusions.

I'm not sure why, but I really really enjoy this song. I never get tired of it. For whatever reason, it just really does it for me. I've listened to it about 10 times a week for the past 3 years. No joke.

I don't know who this Nelly Furtado person is, but apparently she's pretty popular. I absolutely love this song. The video is incredibly stupid, so don't watch it. Click play and go read or something so you don't have to see that self-indulgent tripe. The song is quite original. Again, it just does it for me for some reason.

Unfortunately, the best sound quality for this song came coupled with some random chick's crappy photo album. Sorry. This song epitomizes 1994 for me. It was the year both NOFX's "Punk in Drublic" and Rancid's "Let's Go" albums came out, both of which were defining records for my 11-year-old self. I listen to both to this day.

I like the fact that Whitesnake existed. Any time I listen to them I feel like some badass rebel hitchhiking across America with all my belongings in a snakeskin suitcase or something. They're so purely comical, drenched in adolescent hormones and retarded sexuality that you can't help but be charmed. Plus their videos are the best of the genre in my opinion.

He's a born-again Hassidic Jew reggae artist/rapper. Hey, it's America, why not? Actually, like the glorious Dred Zeppelin, he's a novelty act who doesn't acknowledge that he's a novelty act, and has poured so much of his heart into his craft that he's quite good.

Damn, I forgot how much I like music. Anyway, enjoy, and if you're listening to anything cool at the moment, post it in the comments section.


Luke said...

I'm surprised you don't know who Nelly Furtado is. Her first album "Whoa Nelly!" sold upwards of 5 million (according to my good friend Mr Wikipedia)of which her most famous tune was "I'm like a bird." Frankly, she twittered aimlessly like a bird... Her second album bombed. Her third, she completely sold out from her folky, poppy, Canadian roots and got Timbaland to produce it. However,"Say It Right" is good and I've been listening to it virtually every time I drive anywhere as it's on a mix CD in my car..."Promiscous Girl" is also surprisingly good.

Nate said...

Yeah, I think I know "I'm like a bird." I just didn't know it was Nelly Furtado. Surely you'll agree, though, that the video is terrible?

David said...

I think you can appreciate this:

David said...
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Luke said...

The video is pretty ridiculous but I don't feel as strongly about it as you obviouusly do. I feel sorry for Timbaland though, he comes away from it looking really stupid. I mean throughout the whole thing all he does is sing "ay" multiple times and it's made worse by the fact that they give him a close-up each time he does.

Luke said...

Oh PS, I never want to hear a "bad teeth" comment about Brits again after having seen Timbaland's teeth in that video. You guys have your fair share of orally challenged people too! And before anyone mentions her name, yes Amy Winehouse has disgusting teeth but she probably ran out of veins to inject into and so has been injecting in to her gums for the past 5 years. I refuse to believe it's possible to have teeth that bad any other way.