Saturday, July 14, 2007

The beer vending machine.

Well, today my co-teacher and I went on a walk through downtown Ishinomaki. Shortly after we walked past the porno theaters and dive bars of the red light district, I came across a beer vending machine. I guess in Japan, you can sell beer from a vending machine. In fact, you can sell hilarious 1 liter cans of beer from vending machines. Now, I'm not one to pass up an ironic purchase, so enjoy the results of my labor:

For extra hilarity, I took a photo of this outrageous beer next to an extra-small 165ML coke.

While The Man may have taken away American kids' candy cigarettes, Japanese children are still smoking sugary freedom.

This is a container of candy poo. I guess its really popular in Japan. It tasted like root beer. This country is confusing.


Anonymous said...

But try and buy a beer or whiskey from the machines after midnight and you will be out of luck!

Make sure you try a cream taiyaki. Street vendors sell these waffle like cakes (shaped like fish) with cream inside. Beware, they also sell them with red bean which is an aquired taste.

zachary said...

Ah, the beer vending machine. That certainly brings back memories of my delinquent adolescence. Note to High School Japanese teachers: When you are preparing your third-year students for a class trip to Japan, you probably shouldn't even mention the beer machines. A certain Dr. Ozawa spent several days on the subject, but it had the opposite effect that he intended. Probably because his warnings came in the form of, "Above all, you must never do this! I want to be clear, so now I will explain in intricate detail how to do these forbidden things."

Lisa said...

These are the people who have separate slippers for the washroom. And yet they produce candy in the shape of poo. Very, very, odd.