Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Trip to Sendai

Sendai is the nearest big city around these parts. Kind of like Boston to Ishinomaki's Providence, minus the greasy morons and bad drivers. So I took a train trip to Sendai today, mainly to figure out the train system. It was pretty easy, and there was enough English interspersed among the Kanji for me to muddle my way there and back without any problems. Truly a testament to how excellent the Japanese rail system is.

I went in to a music shop in Sendai, and discovered the coolest brand of guitars ever. The company is called "Killer," and they seem to specialize in shredding guitars--their main body shape is kind of an exxxtreme Metallica/Randy Rhoads Flying Death V thing.

Anyway, the guitars were a couple thousand too expensive for an impulse buy, but check them out--my favorite two are the mosaic design, and the rising sun.


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d said...

Dunno about the axes, but the Rat Fink amps look _unique_. Try any of those?