Thursday, July 5, 2007

Drinking receptacles and other fun culture differences

Today in class, me and the teacher I'm replacing were chatting quietly about the lesson plan. A bunch of students were milling around playing with a ball and talking and stuff. And then, completely randomly, this one kid starts vigorously thrusting into the air and yells "I RUV ENGRISH!" You really can't buy enthusiasm like that.

Here's a couple more pictures for your viewing

"Drink it black" has always been my personal philosophy, so I bought this. It's black coffee with no sugar. Cool style! (sorry the pic is sideways, I'm not completely stupid, it's a problem with blogger. I don't care, and you probably don't either, since it's either this blog or getting back to the work you should be doing).

Apparently Japanese people don't like to drink more than about 6 ounces at a time. I feel kind of awkward drinking 900 glasses of water at every meal. But not awkward enough not to do it.

This is the town I live in. It's all like involved in fishing and stuff. Click to make bigger.


Lisa said...

See! Didn't I tell you about the water?!

Mark said...

Pretty looking place. Where does Mothra sleep?

David said...

In honor of the recent playground "I RUV ENGRISH" comment, would it be possible for all future posts to be written in engrish?